Hola Murphy

If anything can go wrong... it will!

It’s Murphy’s Law, right?...
Well, we want to change that!

Get covered for under $17/month*

*Prices vary per state

Global Repatriation

*included in every Murphy policy

Provides transportation of a covered member’s remains to their primary place of residence in the United States and repatriation of foreign nationals to their home countries

  • Expenses for preparations; embalming or cremation
  • Transport casket or air tray
  • Transportation of remains to place of residence or place of burial
Up to $25,000 in the event of a qualified accident

Murphy is an Accident Insurance that requires no long term commitment or contracts and can help after an accident.

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Coverage applies wherever you are:at home or on vacation
Planning ahead can help to avoid medical debt if something goes wrong.
The main benefit is having peace of mind but there are more:
  • Policy is active in less than 24 hrs
  • No long term commitments or contracts
  • No medical exams required
  • Available to any US resident (where available)
What if I don’t have health insurance?
Murphy is not a health insurance replacement or substitute. In the event of an unexpected accident we can help with some of the associated costs...