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Does my accident insurance cover me if something happens during lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic has spread quickly across the United States. In response, authorities in several states are implementing various measures, including mandatory stay-at-home orders. Some of the most populated states stand out, like California, where 40 million people have been ordered to stay at home. More time in the house means that the possibility of having an accident in your home increases significantly. But don’t worry: if you have personal accident insurance, there’s nothing to fear. Continue reading to find out what coverage accident insurance provides during an emergency like the current coronavirus pandemic.

Article Contents

1 – Self-isolation: Coronavirus has made it necessary for Americans to stay at home

2 – Home, the place where most accidents occur

3 – Protect yourself with personal accident insurance

1 – Self-isolation: Coronavirus has made it necessary for Americans to stay at home

In recent weeks, the coronavirus has spread at alarming rates across the United States.

The unstoppable advance of the virus has prompted many states to implement unprecedented measures. Without a doubt, the most aggressive is ordering the population to stay at home. Following outbreaks in China, Korea, Italy, and Spain, some states, including California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and New York have ordered their residents to stay at home and have kept only essential industries and businesses running. Nearly half of the US population is currently required to stay at home, and it is expected that these orders will remain in place for at least two more weeks.

Staying at home hasn’t been easy for anyone. Less social contact has psychological effects and creates serious emotional stress. This is in addition to the uncertainty of the complex economic situation, and, of course, fear of catching the illness.

Considering this general stress, and with millions of people being confined to their homes, the circumstances are just right for one of the largest health problems in the United States to explode: home accidents. In the US, homes are where most accidents occur. Spending more time at home means an increased probability of domestic accidents and mishaps.

2 – Home, the place where most accidents occur

Information from the National Safety Council shows that homes are a constant source of accidents. Americans suffered a total of 25 million accidents at home in 2018 (the most recent year for which we have complete data). This number represents over half of all accidents reported in the country (53%). What’s worse is that this enormous number of mishaps resulted in 89,300 completely avoidable deaths at home.

Though our homes may appear to be a refuge from all types of adversity, there are many hidden dangers. Most accidents that happen at home are the result of poisonings, falls (especially on stairs or ramps), choking, drowning in basins or tubs, and burns from fires or cooking.

The most common type of accident is poisoning, which is the main cause of accidental death that occurs at home. A total of 62,000 people lost their lives as a result of poisoning in 2018. This includes deaths resulting from inhaling toxic fumes or gases, ingesting toxic substances, and, most significantly, drug overdoses.

Furthermore, we cannot overlook falls at home. In 2018, there were over 8 million falls in the US, 37,000 of which were fatal. A large number of these occurred in the home, especially those involving the elderly and children.

In addition to these types of accidents, there are also others, including choking on food or other objects. Then there are burns, electrocutions, cuts or injuries from tools, knives, and machines, among others. There are even accidents that occur while exercising at home, whether due to improper form or improper use of sporting equipment.

As you can see, no one is immune from suffering domestic accidents. If we are also suddenly spending far more time than usual at home, the risk skyrockets. As such, being confined to your home due to coronavirus is bound to increase the probability of domestic accidents.

One way to protect yourself is by purchasing personal accident insurance. This product is designed specifically to cover the consequences of these types of unexpected events, and it’s a good solution that allows you to have extra protection in these difficult times of coronavirus.

3 – Protect yourself with personal accident insurance

If you already have accident insurance, or if you are thinking about purchasing one, you have most likely asked yourself this question: if we are confined to our home, or in a state of emergency, do insurance companies cover possible accidents? The answer is yes, of course they do.

In every country that has issued stay at home orders and states of alarm, emergency, or exception, like Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, insurance companies continue to operate, and their policies remain in effect.

In the United States, insurance companies will continue to provide coverage under their policies, guaranteeing the well-being of their customers. This applies for home and auto insurance, health insurance, complementary health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, and all other types of policies.

For accident insurance, policies offer coverage that goes beyond what health insurance usually offers, especially for group policies. When an accident occurs, the policyholder notifies the insurance company of what has happened, and they then take care of the costs resulting from this, including medical exams and testing, rehabilitation, and hospitalization.

If you are worried about an accident happening to you or your loved ones while at home because of the coronavirus, protect yourself with accident insurance.