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Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Utah, Washington, California, Pennsylvania. More states coming soon…

You’re still covered. Anywhere you travel or go Murphy is there for you. Internationally or domestically.

Murphy is not a health insurance. Remember Murphy provides coverage for reimbursement of medical bills for injuries caused by accidents. Things like pre-existing conditions, general illness, and chronic sickness are not included in policy coverage. By the way, if you need health insurance, we know a company that can help you with that. Just click here

In the US, the average individual health insurance deductible is over $1,600 through an employer plan. But many people have deductibles well over $5,000. Meaning that if you get hurt, you could potentially pay the out-of-pocket expenses. Murphy helps soften the pain incurred by medical expenses after you suffer a sudden accident.

Murphy is not a health insurance replacement or substitute. In the event of an unexpected accident we can help cover up to your policy limit for doctor-recommended care related to your accident. However, if you get the flu, we unfortunately can’t help you with that.

Your policy will automatically renew every 30 days. So, once a month your payment method on file will be automatically charged.

Your coverage begins the next day you purchase it at 12:01 AM. So, if you bought your Murphy policy Wednesday at 4PM, it will become effective the next day, Thursday at 12:01 AM.

This Policy will terminate at 11:59 PM standard time on the earliest of:

  1. The premium due date if premiums are not paid when due, subject to the Grace Period;

  2. The date the Policyholder requests in writing that coverage be terminated;

  3. The end of the Policy Year in which You attain the Termination Age specified in the Schedule of Benefits; or the date in which You die

Yes. As long as you live in one of our approved states and can prove it with a billing address, you can purchase coverage.

Yes, refer to a licensed medical doctor for recommended care and treatment regarding your accident.

If you bought a policy on our site, log in to your account and click on the “File a Claim” button. Follow the prompts and answer a few simple questions to have your claim submitted. If you have any questions about the claims process, email us at [email protected].

Yes, a loved one can file a claim on your behalf. But make sure you have shared your policy with them. Provide your loved ones with our email, [email protected], and we'll take care of them.

No, the entire process of getting a Murphy policy is online. The qualification process is very simple due to Murphy being a guaranteed issue policy.

No, Murphy’s policies are individual policies, covering just you.

No, Murphy is not an Irishman. We are a diverse group of tech nerds, design lovers, and creative insurance minds. Our name was inspired by Murphy’s law, you know: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Because we believe that if something can go wrong, you should get paid! Murphy is backed by one of the most progressive and innovative insurance companies in the world. Click on About Us for a more information.

Each state is regulated differently, meaning your state government has different requirements than other state governments which impact premiums.

As easy as just answering some questions and you’ll be approved in no time! (Really, it takes like 3 minutes.) Just click here

Murphy policies are backed by Pan-American Life Insurance Company.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 888-664-6917.