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HolaMurphy Accident Insurance: Who is It For?

We all need protection, because when we least expect it, an unforeseen event can suddenly change the way we live our lives. Perhaps we can no longer work or earn income, and all of a sudden our well-being is at risk. Accidents, whether they occur at work, at home, while playing sports, or simply at random, represent one of the biggest threats to our stability.

To protect yourself in the event of an accident, the best option is to purchase a personal accident insurance policy. HolaMurphy is one of the most attractive products available on the market to cover all types of contingencies at an affordable price. Do you want to know if this policy is right for you? Read below to find out if you should purchase accident insurance such as HolaMurphy.

Article Contents

1 – What is HolaMurphy Accident Insurance?

2 – Advantages of HolaMurphy Accident Insurance

3 – Who Needs an Accident Insurance Policy like HolaMurphy?

1 – What is HolaMurphy Accident Insurance?

When purchasing accident insurance like HolaMurphy, you are getting a very powerful product, due to both the coverage and the flexibility it offers to adapt to your needs, all at a low cost.

This is the latest type of insurance against accidents, accidental death, and dismemberment (also known as AD&D). It has been designed to adapt to the needs of today’s professionals participating in an economy that is more dynamic, sometimes informal, and occasionally carried out in untraditional work environments.

You can purchase this insurance directly online. Once you have done so, it automatically goes into effect. In order to take advantage of its coverage, all you have to do is notify the insurance company that you’ve had an accident and the treatment it required.

Coverage includes hospitalization expenses, stays in intensive care units, rehabilitation, necessary surgeries, medical and nursing care, physical therapy, and even up to $1,000 in coverage for your home or vehicle, among many other benefits.

2 – Advantages of HolaMurphy Accident Insurance

In addition to the coverage provided under all accident insurance policies, HolaMurphy has added special advantages. Some of the most important are:

-No medical exam. This type of accident insurance does not require that you undergo a medical exam to qualify. Policy issuance is guaranteed. You just need to request it and pay the premiums in order to have coverage.

– Transportation or commuting coverage. If you are unable to drive to a medical center to receive treatment, HolaMurphy insurance will pay for your travel.

– Coverage for accidental death. If the policyholder passes away as the result of the accident, HolaMurphy provides coverage that works like life insurance <a href=”https://holadoctor.com/es/seguros-de-salud/seguros-de-vida-qu%C3%A9-son-y-c%C3%B3mo-funcionan” title=”Seguro de vida”>seguro de vida</a>, providing a payout for the individuals named as beneficiaries on the policy. This amount can be up to $50,000 dollars.

– Coverage for fractures. One of the most attractive features of this policy is that it covers fractured bones, something not always included in personal accident insurance policies.

Very affordable price. HolaMurphy insurance coverage is available starting at just $19.71 a month, a competitive and accessible price for nearly any budget.

HolaMurphy prices vary by state.

All these advantages make this a highly competitive product that offers coverage for all types of unforeseen events, complex situations, and unexpected expenses not always covered by health insurance. The product is perfect for many people who need extra coverage due to their profession or lifestyle.

3 – Who Needs an Accident Insurance Policy like HolaMurphy?

HolaDoctor has designed HolaMurphy accident insurance to adapt to a changing world. Our lifestyle today is very different from that of previous generations. Now it is common for people to have several jobs, work as freelancers from home, and even participate in the informal economy, meaning they have untraditional business structures. In addition, we lead more dynamic and busier lives. We engage in more sports, travel more, and are active for far longer.

With this 21st century lifestyle in mind, specialists at HolaDoctor designed HolaMurphy to serve as the perfect solution to ensure that you are protected from the uncertainty that comes with an accident. It’s the perfect fit for people who feel that traditional policies are not right for them, or who are simply searching for a flexible policy that adapts to their needs, and not the other way around. You might also want to consider whether you fit into any of the following categories, which make HolaMurphy the perfect accident insurance for you:

  • Freelance professionals: When you are a freelancer, you do not have a company backing you, and your employer does not pay health or accident insurance for you. Consequently, you need to obtain your own coverage in case something happens, and your income is drastically reduced. Accident insurance is the best solution. And remember, just because you’re a freelancer working from home does not mean you do not need insurance. Accidents can also occur at home, and they can keep you from working.
  • Professionals in the new economy: The economy that has stemmed from new technologies has created jobs that do not always provide group or other insurance coverage. Riders, drivers on platforms like Uber, Airbnb property managers, drone pilots, among others, are all examples of jobs that have emerged recently and imply a risk of accidents which you must be prepared to face.
  • Health insurance plans with limitations and interruptions: If your insurance has many deductibles, high copayments, or limited providers, you will need to complement it with an accident insurance policy that covers the gaps in your health insurance.
  • Professionals who spend long hours driving: There is an increasing number of people who earn a living driving a vehicle, including truck and bus drivers, delivery drivers, Uber and taxi drivers, etc. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the higher your chances are of having an accident. Accident insurance is a must-have for these types of people.
  • High-risk professions: Individuals who have high-risk jobs, like firemen, construction workers, lumberjacks, or fishermen, are frequently exposed to the risk of work-related accidents. Purchasing accident insurance is a good way to ensure you have extra protection.
  • Athletes and people engaging in high-risk sports: More and more people are practicing sports, including running, biking, boating on rivers and canals, sailing, paragliding or parachuting, playing a team sport, or exercising at the gym. Sports can result in serious injury or accidents that can require medical treatment at any time. An insurance policy like HolaMurphy can cover these unforeseen events and is especially good for athletes, given that it covers fractures.

As you can see, HolaMurphy personal accident insurance is a product with many benefits, and thanks to its flexibility, it adapts perfectly to the needs of today’s society. Your lifestyle likely involves risks. Purchase accident insurance and you can face any issue with the confidence of knowing that you have broad and versatile coverage.